The W Hotel Bed vs. The Westin Heavenly Bed – Part One

by Jason on March 23, 2012

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I love hotel beds.

It’s always been a dream of mine to transform my home bedroom into a hotel-like-tranquil-sleep haven with all the luxury trimmings of my favorite hotel rooms. And now, I’ve decided to make it happen and change my sleep experience for many years to come.

My Hotel Bed Reward

I like to reward myself from time-to-time for completing lots of high priority business and personal projects. I call my productivity system “Productive Points” and it works like gangbusters to inspire me to get a lot done. (I modeled my system off airline and hotel points + rewards programs.)

Well, my next reward is a brand spanking new top-of-the-line bed. So over the next few weeks here on this blog (as I work to earn my new bed) I’ll be taking you step-by-step through my bed selection process.

Since the 2 beds I’m looking at are hotel branded beds, I’ll be visiting two Starwood hotels to try and make my decision before making the purchase. Also, I intend to make this large transaction via an Online Rewards Shopping Mall link and, of course, using a travel credit card to maximize my points & miles bonuses.

The two primary beds I’m considering are…
“The W Hotel Bed” and “The Westin Heavenly Bed.”

How I’ll Decide Between the Heavenly and the W Hotel Bed

My method is going to be pretty simple. I’ll spend 2 nights at each hotel for a total of 4 nights. I’m going to do my very best to recreate my home bedroom bed usage to really assess how I like each type of bed overall — for relaxing, reading, sleeping, watching tv, etc. I’m also going to evaluate the bedding since I know that’s a pretty big factor in the total sleep experience.

Before this test, I don’t really have any expectations. I definitely like the Westin Heavenly Bed, but I haven’t yet tried a W Hotel Bed. From what I understand, lots of people prefer one over the other but the consensus is that it’s a highly subjective and very personal decision. There’s obviously no way I can be objective about this, but I’m going to try and document most of it here on the blog. I know a lot of people have wondered which bed is “the best” but there aren’t many resources, websites, or helpful forums to answer this question…. until now. :)

Stay tuned for my first review of “The W Hotel Bed” coming soon!

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