My Review: The W Hotel Bed

by Jason on March 24, 2012

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For the last two nights, I’ve been sleeping on a W Hotel Bed at the Silicon Valley W Hotel. I’m doing this as I continue my search for the best hotel bed for my very own bedroom at home. Stephanie has been right here with me, so we can both test the beds and recreate our same sleeping conditions at home. We’ve narrowed the field down to two hotel beds — The W Hotel Bed and The Westin Heavenly Bed. Here’s my review of The W Hotel Bed.

The W Hotel Bed in Newark, California

The Silicon Valley W Hotel is in sort of a strange location. That’s part of the reason we chose this W Hotel for our “bed experience” visit (instead of the W Hotel in San Francisco where we live). We only had to drive about 45 minutes to get here and we did it en route to Carmel, California, for a weekend trip we’re leaving for today. Still, I do recommend the Newark, CA located W Hotel if you’re in the area and looking for a luxury experience at a very reasonable rate. (I’ll give my full review of this hotel in a future post.)

The bed at this W location is just the same as any other W Hotel. As soon as we arrived in the room, I pulled back the sheets to take some pics of what lies beneath…

The W Hotel Bed is Made By Simmons Beautyrest

The W Hotel Bed is made by Simmons and is part of the Beautyrest label. As you can see from the image, this bed style is named “Starwood Elite.” After perusing the web and the website, the closest match I could find is here in the Beautyrest collection. I should also point out that the W Hotel Bed we were sleeping on was a Plush Top bed and NOT a Pillow Top. As you can see on the W Hotel Store website, the W Hotel Bed comes in both plush and pillow top styles.

It’s pretty difficult to say that what you shop for on the W Hotel Bed Website Store is *exactly* the same as what you’re sleeping on in the hotel room. But if that’s the case, then we’ve been sleeping on a king size bed (76×80 inches) with 1056 coils. The total mattress thickness is 12 inches and the coil system is “pocketed” for extra support.

These numbers are useful for comparison shopping because as I’m going through this experiment, I’m beginning to realize that there may be a better opportunity to buy a similar bed within the Beautyrest line. Since the most important factors are size, coil count, coil type, mattress style, and mattress thickness — all of these elements could be easily compared with what you find from a local mattress store or an online mattress dealer.

Then again… there is something nice about the idea of having *the exact bed* from one of your favorite hotels. Obviously, that’s what W Hotels, Westin Hotels, and the whole “hotel bed” industry is banking on.

My Review of the W Hotel Bed

The W Hotel BedSleeping on this bed was fantastic! I felt total support from head to toe. The bed we slept on had a nice combination of being firm but soft. To be honest, the W Bed coil system feels like 10,000 little coils are at your service every minute of the night. I tend to be a back-sleeper and then a side-sleeper, starting on my back and then gradually making my way to my right side and then adjusting from right to left during the night.

On my current bed at home, I do a lot of moving around during the night (and so does Stephanie) but we both agree that the quality of our bed at home is quickly fading. That might explain why we’re both turning and turning so much. Also, our bed at home causes a lot of disturbance when either of us moves around. We both noticed with the W Bed that one person moving around didn’t really disturb the other person. Huge bonus for the W Bed!

If I had to make the decision today, I would buy the W Bed (or something very similar). This is my first sleep at a W Hotel, so it could just be my present-moment bias. I’ve slept on lots of Westin and Sheraton beds but never paid so much attention to the bed experience as I have with the W Bed for the last 2 nights.

I’m looking forward to getting into a Westin Heavenly Bed next. Stay tuned!

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