Airport Review: LAX Terminal 1

by Jason on April 6, 2012

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For a recent Southwest flight to Las Vegas, Stephanie and I spent several hours in Terminal 1 at the Los Angeles LAX Airport. Terminal 1 is served primarily by US Airways and Southwest so most flights are regional. That means you get fairly limited options within this terminal. If you’re a Lounge Club cardholder, you’re not going to find any partner lounges here.

We caught a late flight and had several hours to kill, so we grabbed a bite to eat at the only sit-down-and-be-served dining option, The Backlot Alley. The options were basic sandwiches and pretzels with soft drinks, beers, and cocktails available. One important note: there were some accessible outlets in the restaurant seating area so you can plug-in while waiting for your food and get some work done between bites if needed. As I’ve mentioned before, SFO is a much more “laptops and cell phones” outlet friendly airport than LAX but no surprises there.

The food at Backlot Alley is decent but nothing to write home about. Typical stuff for a quick airport bite.

There are also a few bars in Terminal 1 if you’re looking to relax with a drink before (or after) your flight. We each had a drink at the Camacho’s bar with good drinks and good service.

Like most airport terminals, McDonalds and Starbucks is on-hand as well as at least 2 magazine, newspaper, and candy shops.

Nothing too spectacular going on at Terminal 1 LAX but enough to keep you busy and occupied before your next short flight on Southwest or US Airways. If you’re looking for a good dining experience, Terminal 1 doesn’t offer much. You might be better served by some of the pre-security options before heading through the security checkpoints and into the “boarding pass” only area.

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